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Porthill Bridge - part of the Shrewsbury gallery

I'm a self-taught landscape, urban, nature and art photographer based in Shropshire.

Most of the images on this website are available to purchase, I sometimes exhibit my work and sell at other locations.

All work is digital in that it is captured on digital cameras (typically Canon EOS, occasionally iPhone or other). I use my computer as a darkroom in making adjustments, however I aim to keep adjustments to a minimum.

The art & motion gallery features art work including ICM keeps to this process, the motion is generated at the point of image capture, not during post=processing on the computer.


Beech Trees ICM image - see the Art & Motion gallery

My landscape and nature work features scenes from North Shropshire and Shrewsbury for the most part. I occasionally travel further afield but I enjoy revisiting areas and challenging myself to find new angles and images. 

I hope you enjoy the work.

Watermarks are included for the website only

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